The Autopilot Leadership Model (2nd edition)

The Autopilot Leadership Model (2nd edition)



Lee Kum Kee is a Chinese sauce and condiment enterprise with over a century of heritage. Towards the end of the 20th century, it diversified and ventured into the Chinese herbal health product industry with the establishment of Infinitus.
Infinitus rode on the growth of the health industry, developing its business from scratch and gradually grew into a leading enterprise. Seizing the opportunity, LKK Health Products Group was incorporated. It underwent rapid diversification and successfully established its foothold in the international market across multiple industries.

The author, Sammy Lee, is one of the fourth generation family members of Lee Kum Kee as well as the Chairman, Chief Happiness Officer and Chief Inivisible Officer of the LKK Health Products Group and the Chairman of Infinitus (China) Company Limited. He has consistently attained unexpected achievements, breaking away from the curse of short-lived family enterprises. Moreover, he leads a healthy, relaxed, and happy personal lifestyle, which begs the question of how he broke free from the saying “You cannot have it both ways?”.

The Autopilot Leadership Model has helped Infinitus to reach new heights. The Model originated from the concept of Invisible Leader in Lao Zi’s Dao De Jing as well as other modern Western management theories (see Chapter 2).
Autopilot means the automatic system that is used to control the course of an airplane without the need of constant hands-on control. The author borrowed this terminology to describe the automatic operational system in a company without the need for a leader’s direct command. This model allows employees to unlock their potential while attaining happiness; the company to attract talented individuals to join, and ensure business sustainability.

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