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Established in June 2016, Autopilot Leadership Lab (ALLab) is a Cultural Transformation Consultancy that has been devoted to constantly explore and practice the Autopilot Leadership ModelTM (AP Model). At the Lab, we co-create with participating business executives to identify and develop tools that would increase efficiency and effectiveness within organizations. Enabling management with ease and unleashing the full potentials of work teams in order to meet organization goals and achieving sustainable developments.


As many business leaders who are constantly unavailable would agree, time is always committed to meetings and unending to-do lists. Schedules are extremely hectic to manage and a work-life balance is struggling to maintain. Mental, physical health alongside with relationships tend to deteriorate over time as well and life is mostly defined by work, twenty-four seven.

Especially during the pandemic situation where business models are forced to adapt with the new norm and team relationships is vigorously shifting back and forth, many entrepreneurs have shared through our research on how the Autopilot Leadership ModelTM has made a significant impact on how they behave differently with a stronger mindset for innovation. The change of communication and management style were the most obvious results found among business leaders during this pandemic.

Our flagship Autopilot Leadership Journey, spanning 8-day across around 7-9 months, is designed for business leaders and founders to transform their organization culture with a practical, impactful and effective mindset, which sets teams ready for reaching new goals.

If you also wish to explore how the Autopilot Leadership Journey can inspire your company, transform its culture, and lead it to success and achieve business continuity, schedule a one-hour free consultation session with us today via


Since 2016, Autopilot Leadership Lab (ALLab) has led over 1,200 senior leaders around the globe to implement the Autopilot Leadership ModelTM (AP Model) in their organizations. These forward-thinking pioneers are determined to continue their businesses with a sustainable culture. So far, ALLab has introduced the AP Model to countries and regions such as US, UK, Greece, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.


In November 2018, ALLab has won the Silver Firestarter Award from Invotech, honoring the organization's leadership and entrepreneurial spirit in innovation and technology, and its commitment to promote connectivity and co-creation.

Furthermore, ALLab has been invited to share the Autopilot Leadership ModelTM with members, fellow students and staff at various prominent institutions and professional associations internationally, namely The Hong Kong Management Association (Hong Kong), Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul) and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Boston).

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