About autopilot leadership modeltm

The objective of the autopilot leadership lab is to provide an experimental experience for leaders, allowing them to co-create a model for themselves through inspiration and a "learn-practice-coach" process with others. The Autopilot Leadership ModelTM consists of 6 key elements, the elements are simple yet practical. At the workshop we will look into each of these elements and to introduce the practical tools that are implemented along with the model to maximize the managers' achievements.

Choosing the Right Talent

Properly position a smart candidate who is "culturally-fit" for the team/ organisation

High-trust Environment

Appreciate differences amongst the team; focus on intentions and lead by example

Highly Effective Teams

Confront issues directly; take accountability; emphasize the importance of "We"

Effective Empowerment

Assess each of the team members’ strengths constantly; allocate duties through open dialogues


Cultivate an open atmosphere; lead by example so as to create a unified voice within the team

Coaching and Developing Talent

Exercise the Learn-practice-coach cycle on a regular basis to encourage ongoing development of each team member

6 key element of ALLAB