We believe all leaders have challenges in managing teams or becoming effective leaders. However, not all leaders have a practical and effective way to deal with their challenges. We learn from real issues instead of simulated issues, because we believe business issues evolve over time and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Throughout the Autopilot Leadership Journey, participants will help each other bubble-up new inspirations for identifying possible next steps and resolving work issues without getting directly involved through co-creation.



We craft an open environment for entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, in order to make every discussion very relevant to their real situation. We create a sense of urgency for the challenges that participants face and provide dynamic discussions to visualize and solidify their understanding and feeling of the challenges.



Our Autopilot Leadership Journey emphasizes on the co-creation of all participants thru self-reflection, small and large group discussions. We move away from traditional classroom expert knowledge-transfer-based training; to mindset, skill and knowledge building based on connectivity and inclusiveness of participants. We keep the experience fun and build an open-environment to allow all participants share and co-learn from each other.

Customized Journey

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