Firestarters Silver Award 2018

We’re proud to announce that we have received Firestarters Silver Award 2018.


“Invotech’s 2018 Firestarter’s Award recognizes innovation and technology leaders and leading organizations that, though their dedication, passion, and tipping-point efforts, have created and built new bridges.”

“A ‘Firestarter’ refers to an individual or an organization who has ignited the flames of passion for innovation and technology in Hong Kong and the Big Bay Area. The wider and deeper is the spread of their influence, the stronger figuratively is their fire. A fire that can burn long and bright, far and wide, across previously unconnected sectors and strata of the society, have been ignited by these Firestarters.”

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Firestarters Silver Award 2018 - ALLab

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創科匯頒發 2018 年 Firestarters 大獎. (2018, November 21). 文匯報 Wenweipo.